Monday, April 18, 2011

Homegrown 90 Minute IPA - Tasting Notes

Well, considering I usually invest anywhere from 3-12 months into a batch of beer, this beauty had a pretty quick turn around. If I remember correctly, something like 14 days primary and 7 days secondary on dry hops. I just bottled one week ago today, so I wasn't expecting full carbonation but I was anxious to taste this. I cracked one open a few minutes ago and was very pleased with the finished (except for minimal carbonation) product. Here are the findings:

Appearance - SRM 17-20, A LOT-LOT darker than the 7.2 BeerSmith predicted.

Smell - Citrus, floral, heavy Munich producing some thick malt aromas. Cascade dry hop coming through lighter than anticipated, however, certainly noticed.

Taste - Bitter, floral, citrus, malt, coffee, in that order.

Mouthfeel - Creamy and malty but not cloying, carapils/dextrine showing through heavily here.

Overall Drinkability - Incredibly smooth for an IPA, definite session beer.

Serving type: Pint glass

Overall I'm very pleased with this and can't wait until September/October for my second season Cascades to brew this one again!

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