Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Carrots! cont...

So it took roughly 40 hours for either one of these things to show any signs of fermentation. What was kind of interesting is that they both have different gravity, different ingredients, and different yeast, yet they both started to show signs within about 1 hour of each other. The Killer K1 yeast has pushed up all of the trub to the top of the carboy to form a giant cake of raisins and carrot pulp that looks like some botched attempt at a carrot cake.

The airlock is bubbling away and there is a slight carroty/sulphury smell. The carrot beer is actually doing what you may expect. The Danstar Munich is treating the carrot juice the same as sweet grain wort and has formed a nasty thick brown krausen and smells a bit like brownies mixed with ammonia.

Now I just sit and wait about a month or however long it takes the trub to settle in the beer and it to clear up. I've never added isinglass to a beer before but this one may be a candidate, we shall see. The wine will have to sit well over 9 months, more likely 15-16 months to clear up enough for bottling. Unless something drastic happens, this should be the last update on the carrot experiment until the beer is ready to bottle, at which point I will taste, and describe. I know carrot wine has been done before after a google search, but beer? Well, it's been talked about, but this may be a first. It may be the next big thing, who knows. Check back in the future to find out the results. Thanks for checking it out!

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