Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Carrots! quick update

So after a week of my basement smelling like sulfur it would appear that fermentation is nearly complete in both the wine and the beer. For awhile there I was getting what looked like a nonstop flow of co2 coming from the wine carboy, picture an airstone in there. I was constantly having to add more fluid to the airlock, it was nuts. The beer didn't get like that at all, at best I was getting a bubble every 10 seconds.
You can see the carrot wine is layered up pretty good right now, yeast starting to settle to the bottom, murky must/wine in the middle, and a cake of carrot pulp and raisins still floating at the top, but starting to settle.

Airlock activity has ceased in both fermentors and now I'll just let them settle. The yeast will continue to consume lingering sugars until they produce enough alcohol that it finally overwhelms them and they die off. I am so anxious to taste this stuff, as soon as it clears up enough to rack off the lees I am going to try it. I can't imagine what carrot juice would taste like completely dry and hot with fresh alcohol, but I intend on finding out very shortly. I haven't even tasted the beer yet but I know I'm not going to like it. In retrospect I realized I should have done it very differently and am planning on doing another batch with the new idea. I mean who knows, this one could be ok I just feel like I should mash some 2-row and crystal 20L, add carrot juice to bring my gravity up to about 1.058, and proceed with a 60min boil as usual. There was no boil with this batch, no grains, nothing for body, nothing in the process worth calling it a beer other than it's hopped and fermented with beer yeast. We shall see.... we shall see indeed.

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